Precision Fastening

Industrial Air Power supply and service a complete range of precision fastening tools with service and repair facilities in Bridgend, South Wales and Plymouth, Devon. We can provide customers with a truly local service.

Inline Screw Driver

Air & Electric Screwdrivers

Electric - Assembly Screwdrivers | Air - Assembly Screwdrivers | Air - Maintenance / Automotive

We can offer the full line of Ingersoll Rand production fastening tools including air and electric screwdrivers in a broad range of configurations.

Angle Nutrunner

Air Nutrunners : Handheld Nutrunners | Fixtured Nutrunners

Air nutrunners or angle wrenches provide the torque, speed, reliability and simplicity of operation for all bolt fastening applications in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries.

Calibration Equipment

Calibration Equipment

Transducers & Joint Simulators | Torque Wrenches

Experienced fastening tool users know that frequent calibration of air and DC electric tools is necessary to ensure exceptional performance. Ingersoll Rand offers users its Expert range of torque analysis systems.

DC Electric Fastening Systems

DC Electric Fastening Systems

QE Series - Handheld Tools | QE Series - Fixtured Tools | QM Series - Fixtured Tools | QMM Series - Fixtured Systems | IC Series - Controllers | ICS Series - Software

Industrial Air Power can provide the most innovative and reliable DC electric fastening systems for industry.

Torque Reaction Arm

Torque Reaction Arms

With our comprehensive line, featuring 11 models spanning a torque range from 10 to 475 Nm, torque reaction arms and workstations will provide the support and durability your application and operator requires.

Contact Industrial Air Power for assistance in sales, selection, service, hire and repair for all your assembly and production requirements.