Container Conversions

Industrial Air Power will develop your application directly into an ISO 10’, 20’, 40’ container for easy transportation, installation and handling. Our expertise in transforming containers enables us to offer containerised compressor solutions for the most diverse uses.

All design work is undertaken in-house by our highly experienced Engineers, and therefore we can tailor a solution to meet project specific requirements.


Storage Container Air Compressor Conversion Storage container conversion for an industrial Air Compressor Industrial Air Compressor in a storage container


All engineering is carried out at our Bridgend South Wales facility, allowing us to minimise delivery timescales and provide bespoke solutions in a fast and efficient manner.

One of the main advantages of building a containerised solution is that the unit arrives on site with pre-installed and fully tested equipment which is ready for immediate swift, final connection. These containers can be fully connected within hours of site delivery.

Our container solutions are ideal for emergency/temporary requirement. They also can be placed outside of the production facility allowing internal space to be utilised for other equipment. Our containerised solutions are tough, secure and safe being engineered to the highest standards for defence, nuclear, automotive and food & beverages sectors.

To find out more about how we can help design what you need contact us today.