Dryers & Filters

Compressed air purification equipment is essential to provide high quality clean, dry air and to eliminate the problems and costs associated with contamination in compressed air systems. Contaminants in a compressed air system can generally be attributed to the following:              

  • The quality of the atmospheric air drawn into the compressor    
  • The type and operation of the air compressor
  • Compressed air storage devices and distribution systems

Dryers and Filters


We stock a range of dryers and filters at our Bridgend and Plymouth branches including the following:-

  • Coalescing Filters
  • Water Separators
  • Adsorption (Desiccant) Dryers
  • Refrigeration Dryers
  • Adsorption (Activated Carbon) Filters
  • Dust Removal Filters
  • Micro-biological (Sterile) Filters