Energy Efficiency

Inefficient Compressed Air Generation Could Be Increasing Your Overhead Costs

Spiralling Energy Costs now dictate the need to run your Compressed Air Systems to their maximum efficiency.

If you’re interested in how much wasted energy is costing your company its time to take advatage of our energy efficiency audit.

Reducing system pressure by 1 bar is the equivalent of a 7.5% reduction in consumed electrical power. In addition system leakage will be reduced by approximately 10%.

Carbon Trust surveys monitored by the Carbon Trust have shown leakage rates in excess of 20% of system capacity.


Compressed Air System Demand 250 CFM @ 7.5 Bar

System Power Demand 45Kw

Annual Production Hours 4,000

Average Kw/Hr Energy Cost 10p

RUNNING COST= 4,000 x 45 x 10 = £18,000


7.5% x (4,000 x 45 x 10) = £1,350

Leakage Reduction 10% of 50 CFM = 0.9Kw x 4,000 X 10 = £360



Compressed Air System Demand 1,000 CFM @ 7.5 Bar

System Power Demand 160Kw

Annual Production Hours 8,760

Average Kw/Hr Energy Cost 10p

RUNNING COST= 8,7600 x 160 x 10 = £140,160


7.5% x (8.760 x 160 x 10) = £10,512

Leakage Reduction 10% of 200 CFM = 32Kw x 8,760 X 10 = £2,803

TOTAL SAVING = £13,315

Generating compressed air accounts for a high percentage of a production plant's electrical running costs. Unnecessary offloading, poor regulation and over pressurisation are the main causes of high running costs. Industrial Air Power can offer a free site audit to instantly identify areas where improvements and energy savings can be achieved. These include:

Energy Efficient Compressors
Nirvana Variable Speed Technology – HPM Motors coupled to a tried and tested airend package produce the most efficient variable speed compressor across the entire load range. (More on Nirvana)  

  • Two Stage Technology – Higher output base load compressor with lower specific power greatly reduces electrical energy to generate compressed air. More... 
  • Nirvana Two Stage Variable Speed Technology – with the combination of the above, these compressors benefit from the lowest constant specific powers across the entire load range.  Download Case Study.

Energy Efficient Compressors


Intelligent Controllers
A controller is designed to provide management of a multi machine compressor system under optimal pressure control and efficient utilisation. Download Brochure

Inverter Drives
Retrofitting an inverter to an existing compressor can help reduce unnecessary offloading achieving lower capital expenditure. Download Brochure

Industrial Air Power also provide the following services:-

Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Compressed air is energy. Leaking air lines, couplings, hoses and joints are sources of energy waste. The majority of companies have an air leakage rate of at least 20%. See how Industrial Air Power can help your company waste less and save more… Read More »

Energy Audits

Energy Audits

Industrial Air Power can work with you to identify energy saving possibilities within your compressed air system and help reduce expensive operating costs. Read More »

Energy Recovery Systems

Energy Recovery Systems

With 85% of recoverable energy potential from the heat of compression, an energy recovery system can significantly reduce total energy consumption. Read More »

Carbon Trust Loans

Carbon Trust Loans

Is old equipment making your business uncompetitive or simply costing a fortune in energy bills? Contact Industrial Air Power to discover how you may be able to obtain an interest free loan for up to half a million pounds. Read More »