Reconditioned Air Compressors

Industrial Air Power carries in stock an extensive range of reconditioned air compressors, which are available for immediate shipment throughout the UK.

Our workshop engineers at both Bridgend and Plymouth are trained to professionally overhaul and refurbish most major manufacturers’ machines and take great pride in ensuring that all equipment is most rigorously tested prior to shipment.

The equipment we source and supply can be tailored to suit customers’ individual requirements i.e. from a basic service and repair unit to a fully reconditioned machine, including air end re-bearing for screw compressors and/or electric motor overhaul.

We can normally supply the following machines from stock:-

  • Reciprocating compressors from 1.5 through to 15 Kw,
  • Rotary screw compressors, including some variable speed, two-stage oil free machines from 2.2 Kw through to 250 Kw
  • Rotary vane compressors from 1 Kw through to 75 Kw.

In our experience many companies spend vast amounts of money on new capital equipment, simply to provide back up for their main operating plan. Industrial Air Power can provide alternative lower priced options as opposed to purchasing new equipment. We embrace a flexible supply policy to suit each customer’s individual requirements. We can normally offer part exchange options to suit a customer’s budget. This applies to both purchases of new and used equipment.

We can also supply reconditioned dryers, filters, breathing air dryers, filter packages, air receivers and condensate separators.

At the heart of all screw compressors is the Air End. During operation the air end’s critical components such as bearings and seals can become worn or damaged and can lead to reduced efficiency or even failure.Industrial Air Power has been repairing and rebuilding air ends for many years. We employ a team of highly skilled engineers with production manufacturing experience, providing a professional air end rebuild service for most manufacturer’s rotary screw compressors including:-

  • Atlas Copco,
  • Ingersoll Rand,
  • Compair,
  • Kaeser
  • Gardner Denver

The air end rebuild process includes the following:-

  • Air end stripped and inspected
  • Inspection report
  • Air end and components cleaned and reconditioned as required
  • Air end rebuilt with new bearings, O-rings, seals & gaskets
  • Quality checked and tested.

Each air end is supplied with a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Please contact us for more information / quotation.

For competitive quotes on used air compressors please call Andrew Dowling on 01656 640155 or Email: for  more information and availability.