Vane Compressors

The key to Hydrovane's exceptional performance is the simplicity of the rotary vane motor. Models from 1.1 – 75Kw. Fixed and variable speed including dryer and receiver mounted packages. 

  • Reliability: Directly driven at low speed with minimal stresses provides a totally dependable air supply
  • Quality air : Consistent pulse free supply with automatic regulation delivers clean dry compressed air
  • Efficiency: Intake modulation combined with Hydrovane REVS™ energy vent down minimises energy costs
  • Long lasting: No bearings or metal parts to be replaced
  • Quiet: Integral design combined with slow speed offers extensive choice of locations (62-73dBA)
  • Support: 10 year "built in" ADVANCE ™ warranty programme.

Vane CompressorsVane Compressors