Vane Compressors

The Hydrovane series of rotary sliding vane compressors are reliabe, versatile, powerful and cost effective. They are employed throughout most sectors of industry including automotive, food and beverage, energy and manufacturing engineering, woodworking and processing industries, with specialist solutions within transit, gas and snow. In fact, they are the perfect solution to meet most customers' requirements for reliable, high quality compressed air or gas. The low noise levels of the Hydrovane compressor means that they can normally be installed alongside existing plant and equipment. Models are available in either an open format or fitted with enclosure panels that further reduce noise levels.

The key to Hydrovane's exceptional performance is the simplicity of the rotary vane motor. Models from 1.1 – 75Kw. Fixed and variable speed including dryer and receiver mounted packages. 

  • Reliability: Directly driven at low speed with minimal stresses provides a totally dependable air supply
  • Quality air : Consistent pulse free supply with automatic regulation delivers clean dry compressed air
  • Efficiency: Intake modulation combined with Hydrovane REVS™ energy vent down minimises energy costs
  • Long lasting: No bearings or metal parts to be replaced
  • Quiet: Integral design combined with slow speed offers extensive choice of locations (62-73dBA)
  • Support: 10 year "built in" ADVANCE ™ warranty programme.

Vane CompressorsVane Compressors