Variable Speed Compressors

  • Single Stage Contact Cooled range from 4 - 160Kw 20 - 1000cfm
  • Two Stage Contact Cooled range from 75 - 160Kw 370 - 1100cfm
  • Oil Free range from 37 - 160Kw 90 - 900cfm

Variable Speed CompressorsVariable Speed Compressors


Matching a standard variable speed inverter with a HYBRID PERMANENT MAGNET MOTOR; coupled with a time-proven airend, Nirvana represents a stunning advance in compressor technology. This new rotary compressor provides unparalleled energy efficiency at all speeds and offers superb reliability. There are no motor bearings, gears, pulleys, belts, couplings or motor shaft seals to wear out, leak or need replacing. In addition, there is nothing to get out of alignment. Nirvana will lower your operating costs with its dynamic efficiency. It offers truly transcendent technology.

Energy Efficiency
At full load, Nirvana will produce the most air using the least energy and will continue to do so down to loads as low as 20%. Nirvana runs at 95% efficiency throughout its entire speed range.

Exceptional Reliability
Nirvana has fewer rotating parts than any other compressor in its class. The HPM motor uses no bearings and directly drives the compressor, eliminating gears, pulleys, belts, couplings and motor shaft seals.

Transcendent Technology
Nirvana's exclusive Hybrid Permanent Magnet Motor has revolutionized compressor performance by providing more air over a wider range with no increase in power consumption.

We also offer variable speed inverter drives as add ons to standard fixed speed compressors.

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Lease / Hire Purchase
Industrial Air Power Ltd offer lease hire and lease purchase finance arrangements for the entire range of Ingersoll Rand products. In most cases an entire project can be financed including pipework and electrical installation costs.  In some cases where old outdated equipment is running inefficiently, a project can be funded through the savings in electrical consumption alone.  Finance can be arranged and spread out over any period up to 5 years, which matches the Ingersoll Rand extended warranty, allowing the customer to fix costs for the same period. e.g. Hire Purchase and Operating Lease. 

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