Gas Generation Improve production and save money.

With over 35 years of gas generation experience Industrial Air Power together with selected equipment manufacturers provide a comprehensive range of products and services and are able to design systems to suit specific site requirements in order to improve production and save you money.

Gas Generation South Wales

We provide a comprehensive range of on-site generation technologies such as:

  • Modular PSA (pressure swing absorption) generators for Oxygen & Nitrogen
  • Conventional large Twin Vessel PSA generators for high flow and high gas purities
  • Membrane Nitrogen Systems
  • Turn Key Packages


Benefits of on-site generation:

  • Save up to 50% of cost when comparing against supply of bottled gas.
  • Reduce manual handling and potential accidents.
  • Reduction of down time.
  • Smaller gas storage area.
  • No delivery charges.
  • Fixed monthly charge.


The importance of experience really does matter when selecting the correct technology to meet the specific need of the application. With our team of experienced engineers and supply of the best equipment available makes Industrial Air Power your perfect supply partner.

All equipment is supported by a dedicated team of highly trained engineers to ensure total reliability.

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