Air Winches / Hoists / Balancers Commited to research and development

Industrial Air Power specialises in the sale, service, hire and repair of all Ingersoll-Rand air hoists, winches and material handling equipment throughout the United Kingdom.

For nearly 50 years, Ingersoll Rand has been serving the material handling needs of the following industries worldwide: automotive, appliance, aerospace, electronics, food, furniture, glass packaging, printing, pharmaceutical, sheet metal, textile, and warehousing.

The many years of manufacturing experience, ISO 9001 certification, and a 24 hour service network has created a unique ability to respond to your needs with the highest quality material handling solutions, technology, and services available in the world.

Ingersoll Rand has pioneered the development of pneumatic powered lifting, balancing, and handling equipment making us the world leader in the manufacturing of ergonomic, in process, manual assist, pick and place solutions.

With a solid commitment to research and development we have applied our expertise to introduce new products and technology which can also integrate the latest electronics and controls, such as the InteLIFT system: an electronically controlled, air powered intelligent handling solution.

By using Ingersoll Rand solutions created for your material handling needs, you can expect improved productivity mandated by a global economy. At the same time, you can expect ergonomic solutions which improve operator performance and avoid labor downtime due to health or safety issues in using automation.

Air Winches/Hoists

Winches by Ingersoll Rand

The Ingersoll Rand line of air winches combines the best ideas and innovations resulting from over 200 years of experience in solving the most challenging lifting, pulling and positioning applications in the world's toughest industries. Our air winches are manufactured in either Douai, France (gear type motor winches) or Kent, Washington, USA (piston type motor winches). Enjoy the wide selection offered by these two lines and choose the model that best fits your application.

Air Winches/Hoists

Hoists by Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand hoists have been providing lifting solutions to industries around the globe since the early 1900's. Today, we offer the broadest range of chain hoists in the world. With capacities ranging from 1/8 through 100 tons. We offer hoists for high-speed production applications, food grade applications, and for the harsh environments found in mines, shipyards, power plants, cement plants, refineries and onshore and offshore drilling and production platforms. We pride ourselves in our willingness and ability to take on tough applications with engineered special products. Ingersoll Rand hoists come with a wide array of options and accessories.

Air Balancers

Balancers and Positioners by Ingersoll Rand

AIR BALANCERS allow users to not only lift the load but also "float" the load, allowing for precise manual movement and placement without the "jogging" required with traditional hoists. Air balancers operate within a capacity range of 50 to 2000 lb (22 to 909 kg).

INTELLIGENT LIFTING DEVICES remove the need for up and down controls by sensing user force input and translating it to precise vertical motion. These devices are ideal for applications where hands-on load control is required of loads up to 1000 lb (455 kg).

MECHANICAL SPRING BALANCERS are for applications where a constant weight travels a relatively short vertical distance (i.e. power tools, weld guns). These balancers cover weights up to 363 lb (165 kg).

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